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Christopher Eccleston calls time on 'Doctor Who'
Ewan McGregor and Ricky Gervais Valiant Movie Interview
You share your birthday with...!entertainment!movies&s=1037645508976
Mark Burger talks with 'Sin City' star Clive Owen
Clive Owen's Tale Of 'Sin'
Color Bind
Clive Owen calms James Bond rumours with latest interview
The Clive Owen Conundrum
Clive Owen Talks About "Sin City" and Working with Robert Rodriguez
Clive Owen Talks About "Closer"
Owen Finally Confirmed as Sixth Bond?
V For Vendetta Filmmakers Speak
Baby joy for actor Bale
Wizard Interviews Christian Bale and Tim Story
Christian Bale Talks About Batman
Batman Begins
“The Machinist” offers lots of style and a very skinny Christian Bale.
Video Reviews: 'Closer,' More
Sean Bean's car robbed
Bond In Bloom
Fantastic Four ShoWest Footage Now Online
New Fantastic Four Posters

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