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Tuesday: It's different, watching a show once you've started writing fan fic about it. Before, I just let Smallville roll past my eyes like those rotating ads at city bus stops. Now I'm attempting my first Smallville slash I'm studying every frame for details and nuances like it was a great work of art. It's kinda more fun this way. Of course, it'll all end in tears and acrimony, it always does, but right now it's fun. It's the research, falling in love part. Of course the research leads to pages and lists and contact with the fandom which leads to acrimony. I always outstay my welcome, always. I get up people's hooters as easily as breathing. But for now, sitting here alone in my room with old telly (older than some of my friends, yikes), I'm in pain but I don't care, because Clark is pretty and Lex is evil.

The pain bit, well, just the usual, really, with a flu chaser. Decided to stay home because flu and cramps never mix well and it was tears before bedtime on Monday. So I was trying to sleep all Tuesday, and of course, the bookcase fell over, again. Caught me across the shoulders this time. Six hours later and it's still mega ouchy. Ouchy enough for me to start imagining I've broken something. whoops.

Angel: I was told the finale was a trainwreck of an episode. Aside from Dark Wes, yup, pretty much. Celestial Cordy really annoyed me. Bad enough I have to sit through Meridian in a few weeks. Apparently being an uber bitch is a pre-requisite for sainthood these days. Heh, does that mean I'm in with a chance? :D

Thursday: Still ouchy. Don't think the collar bone be broke, but, it burns when I type, so no previews today, sorry. Too ouchy to be properly creative.

Had one of the nastiest emails yet in my inbox this morning. The first ever email to viciously call into question my ability to write. I resolved to sulk all day but the sting is already fading, mostly. Guess I'm just too tired and snot encrusted to get overly upset and the nice emails I had from people I do like and welcome into my life more than made up for some bitch's bile. Weird though, it was about an old story sent to an old email account. Whatever. Maybe I should post my pre-teen Dukes of Hazzard Mary Sues afterall, so people could really have something to complain about. Heh. Maybe I just should. Or the Kirk/Spock I wrote when I was nine. I should scan it in, because I think it'd lose something without my very, very messy childish scrawls. Hmmm...I wonder if I still have that...



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