mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Odin's Day

I have an idea for a script. It's a cross between Bridget Jones' Diary and About A Boy where a single career girl invents a child as an excuse to come in late and leave work early and phone in sick every other day because little Johnny has a fever. She's also going to take up smoking which should shave another three hours off the working day, thereby ensuring she only works no more than two hours a day, because lunches are always long errands to little Johnny's playgroups for some reason or another.

In the ten hours of unpaid overtime I've been forced to work this week I could have watched about a dozen episodes of I SPY. If they'd paid me, I could have bought another dozen or so episodes to sit atop the pile, unwatched and gathering dust.

No Smallville review today. Grizzle. EvilChannelNine. Pout. Whimper. With no Justice League either I find myself entirely Rosenbaum deficient. It's enough to make a girl break down and buy TV Hits.

Or more precisely, Dork Angel. Now just about everyone I know is gnashing and wailing over the wreck of the show that used to be Angel. Yeah, Gunn, Fred and Cordy, stick 'em in a ditch somewhere. Angel...where is the dark brooding vampire who once was my muse? Where has he gone and who is this annoying fat guy they've stuck in his place? But Lorne and Groo, they can stay. Yeah, okay, I adored the boys when they came out, but they have heart, and are just about the only sympathetic characters left at AI. No, they are the only ones. Lilah, I'm liking that girl more and more. Her seduction of Wes to the dark side, oh yeah, loving it. Connor, now I should hate him for countless rasons, but I kinda like the screwed up little shmuck. He has more of a soul than certain whining teenagers on other once related shows. And then there's Wes. Okay, sure, we only get like a minute of Wes per episode, but oh, what a minute. Alexis has grown into a fine actor, searing the screen with just a look or a gesture. Oh, Dark Wes, oh yes. Definitely hitting my happy spots. It's all the dark shades I hinted at but never dared to colour in. oooh, yummy. More please.

So, yeah, I'm only watching for half the characters these days, but I guess I was spoilt by those heady days of the mid 90s where I could adore an entire cast, and not just watch with one hand over my face, the way one had to in the 80s, say. I do wonder at the writers though. It seems to me that more and more often writers announce in the press they are deliberately writing to piss fans off. This is more confrontational than challenging and I always ask myself, when about to do something controversial in my own fic, does it serve the story - something I don't think these writers actually do. I think they like provoking mass spluttering online. But is this a sound methodology, to piss off the fans, deliberately? I don't think so. I think some egos need to be reigned in. If I have to pander to my friends occassionally, certainly writers being paid to write commercial tv shows could pander to the people who actually watch the shows, once in a blue moon. Just my thoughts. I'm not saying lowest common denominator, I like my tv quirky and surprising, but this deliberate thumbing of the nose or ploughing on regardless of criticism, well, if they were just fan fic writers they'd be in for a lot more honest thought on the matter, methinks.

I also find, after the loss of Daniel, Krycek, Byers, Xena et al, I'm just really numb to tv characters these days. Killing a character used to be shocking, but these days I just don't bother investing in characters who may only have the shelf life of a dairy product. This means I don't care, which means I don't tape the show, I don't write fic and I don't watch it every week. Which should be bad practice for a commercial tv show, to so alienate its viewing audience by making all its characters disposable, but nobody seems to want to reverse this trend. Whatever happened to happy ever after? Whatever happened to treating the characters as less than chess pieces on the board? This is why I'm having trouble finishing my SG stuff, and why I'm writing M7 - at least the boys were all still around at the end of the episode. What can I say, I like my tv old school, I guess.

Just popped over to Amazon and what were they trying to sell me today? A bird hunting scope. Arrrrrgh! No, not my birdies. Btw, the lorikeet couple want to nest next to the back door. Awwww.

Big thanks again to Tamara for her much needed and very much appreciated help on the pages. It means so much to me...I want to cry. I put a lot of effort into those pages, and I get very little thanks for it, so when I do...I just don't know how to take it. I really don't. But I'm very happy, relieved and grateful and touched.



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