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Sexy Lexy

More on Marti Noxon using Buffy as an open couch session: It's almost as bad as using fic to push your own personal wheelbarrow. Okay in totally original fic, but not so much appropriate in fic set within a pre-fab universe. You know, tonight on a very special Buffy...

And then there's the fan fic where you end up with an uncomfortable clear view of the author's life and/or inner life instead of a new or extended slant on an established character, which is what I like to look for. I like my fic reading to enhance and twist my viewing of safe tv product, not make it even more like a sugary Hallmark special. I like writers to show me things within a character I've never noticed before, character quirks that are there, just never fully realised within the format of USTV.

I know I like to have fun using some of the worst of my ex's behaviour to colour my characters when they're being unsympathetic, and I had fun making Ezra's mother into an uber-shrew - she's that in the show anyway, but at least I know I'm doing it. There's obviously a fine line between catharthis and Oprah (ie public therapy sessions), obviously J.

So now I'm cautious about following on my quick Lex fic idea. It's easy to do the old take your hands off my boy story, but fun, too. It's just, it kinda reminds me of when I had a rich friend once. Thought the world of her then she just up and binned me one day, I still have no idea why. Later on I found she'd said and done some pretty uncool things behind my back. I still remember that sense of betrayal, even though I no longer feel it, not really. Not so as you'd notice. Of course, the five years of ostracism that followed, that didn't help. Like I said before, the worst thing you can do to a social creature is exclude it. Nice to know they've now done studies to show the real stress this causes, and I wasn't just being precious. Time this with my Dad's death and it was just doubly cruel.

Oh yeah, my Buffy year. Throw in a cheating boyfriend and it was just peachy. I just try to hide my issues deeper within my writing. I use them to make the scenes real, but try not to let my issues push the fic where it shouldn't go. Not that I probably manage this, but at least I try and I'm aware of when I'm walking close to the bone.

But yeah, Marti needs to get over her Spike issues and stop turning Buffy into such a little younger Bennett sister styled twit.

Cause I'd never cast anyone I knew in my fic. Not as a major character, anyways. I usually only steal snappy lines or incidents and warp them to my own evil purposes. I'd just use my memory of betrayal to describe how Clark must feel when Lex inevitably shafts, um, using Oz slang here...

    Macquarie Dictionary:

    shaft: noun 4. to betray (someone) for one's own gain; to opportunistically take (someone else's) place, position, kudos, benefits, etc.: got shafted by his workmate.

Now I'm back to happy flirty sexy Lex thoughts. J 'Why, Mr Luthor, are you trying to seduce me?', as pouty, dewey eyed and completely wet behind the ears young Clark might say. Oh god, this ficlet is writing itself before I can stop it. Worse, going home on the same freaking bus plotting fic with the face of the same freaking actor as I did over twenty years ago. That's it. I'm doomed to relive 1981 over and over until I get it right, obviously. I'll have half a dozen pages plotted out in my head before I get home tonight. It's all Steve Kilbey's fault. K

That pdf? Done.



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