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all I want is a room somewhere

Far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair...

Alas no room for a chair, not even room to swing a cat. As it was sleeting outside, I suppose, with a tiny cup of tea, it was better than sleeping rough. I suppose. I hate to be an accomodation snob like my US pals, but I'm concerned with the pracicalities, like how two Rubenesque chicks are going to fit into that bed (so that's where the hideous futon ended up), or jst one will fit in the bathroom with the door closed. And before any male readers implode there will be no pillow fights: I've had bigger pillows handed to me in the back end of a plane.

Meant to go out on one of those walks but it was clod dark and sleeting and I was tired and cranky so it was London 1, me 0. Found Enterprise on the telly and thought that would do but halfway through the channel just switched over by some remote elsewhere. Ack. It was the season finale so things were actually happening. Grr. Nothing goes right, not in London.

This is the second time I've typed this. The first time it crashed. Did I mention how much I hate London?

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