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Meant to catch the bus down, but the station was easier to get to, so off to the station we went on the wettest day so far. If I'd have known I was going to live on trains I'd have bought that rail pass afterall.

Got to the place, saw it, and just howled likre 2 yr old in tears. I ask for somewhere nice, like a Holiday Inn, and travel agents here must hear only "somewhere seedy, horrible, nasty, tiny and full of dodgy Russians, please." It makes me cry. It makes me cry lots. I feel robbed, cheaed and humiliated, never mind having to put up with a complete shithole for a week.

Worse, though I rang up and they said they'd changed my booking to a doubl and had the cheek to charge me an extra 50 pounds, when singles are usually 50 more, they'd not done a thing about the room. It's still tiny, one bed, no extra towels.

Cyc, can you look on and try and find something better, and I'll pay for it? Otherwise it's going to be, um, intimate. It does have a shower, no bath as asked for, microwave (haven't tested it yet) and fridge. You decide. If you can cope with a shitty, seedy shoebox up 3 flights of stairs, you might want to byo bed roll or something.

Let me know because my net surfing is limited on the run, and I'd rather phone a place than transact via net cafe. But have a look at the rooms. Lastminute let me do that for Tailors and it was spot on and nice.

In other news, bought new shoes, because feet are killing me. Did the Wallace collection because it was close. Lots of kinky Hercules sculptures :) Lots of armour, too. Huge whacking suits with fancy helms. Lots of pastoral paintings, too, and a whole wall of that Venie painting back at the AGNSW. It must feel so lonely.

Gonna go and reheat burger for tea and weigh up rain + sore feet + misery to option of going out ratio.

And to think I was cooing with delight last night. I turned up the heating, fond Smallville and Wire in the Blood on telly and made myself a nice hot cup of tea. I was in heaven. Now I'm in hell. Did I mention how much I hate London? Damn their unfair monopoly on cool stuff.

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