mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Don't go out on the moors...

Because it's effing freezing!

Actually had a lovely day of surprising sunshine and being driven around Dartmoor. Lovely, dramatic scenery, little towns straight out of a train set, lunch at a pub with horse brasses. Perfect. Actually climbed Hays Tor. Well, up to it, anyway. It was very blustery and my nerve failed me. Never mind my knees. Alas, I was shown up by my two year old second cousin who tore past me like a little hobbit (too cute for words pics would follow if camera wasn't still being a biatch.

okay, scuse lack of caps, have not got baby lew by one arm as i'm trying to type. he is too cute. we've bonded. he crawled in here for another visit - he so enjoyed deleting my porn spam.

best go as the tyke is wriggly. had fun. must babysit.

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