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At least I've discovered one of the root causes of this Biehn obesession: he was born in Alabama. Heh, while the rest of you are going 'what the?', Irene will be nodding and smiling to herself. She knows what I mean J.

I'm seeing my reflection, I'm looking slightly stressed. Especially after getting yet another email complaining about the lack of new pics on the League. So I bit the bullet. I will now be paying a GRAND, annually, to host my 400mb of crap (that's 300mb over my 100mb limit), and don't think I'm adding another page more. Those girls want more, they can pay me. Lots. And that's at mates rates too, I might add. I should be paying $1,500 a year. No more cons for Diddums in the foreseable future. I can live with that. As much as I love my con-going friends, I'm kind of all conned out now, and I really, truly can plead poverty.

In spite of my new vow of penury, I did indulge in a grande chai from Starbucks, just to make the medicine go down (hey, two heritages I can claim are notoriously tightfisted so dropping a grand on the plastic just about required the use of smelling salts) and I've not been to Starbucks in months, either, in my enforced austerity drive. Though the drive hit a blip yesterday as Bro, who forgets that his half day of work a week pays more than a month of mine, and I'm a bill paying person, went forth and scooped up a whole pile of dvds from the bargain bin on my behalf that I'd been so good as to resist thus far. $150 worth, but I'm more than happy with Love, Honour and Obey, just for the pleasure of watching Sean Pertwee sing the theme from Fireball XL5 one more time. It's the little twirl he does that really makes it special. Speaking of SP, I must thank the lass who's been loading all those pics into my SP list. Muchos gracias.



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