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Dateline: Exeter

Thick woolly socks: $27, Paddy Pallins. Warm feet: Priceless.

My socks, my favourite fluffy pjs, my hot water bottle, purchased in the 99p shop in Wick, and a cup of tea, where available, are all that I live for right now. Weirdly, I saw more of the country last time when I was here with less time and money, though the money thing has ridiculously become a prob.

Spent all day on a bus or three to get to the Fam down here, but it's worth it. The bairns are the cutest, the cousins great and the scenery perfect. Little villages just waiting for an Avengers or Dr Who episode to happen.

Tired now, but not as tired as yesterday. Loved Manchester, I did, and I got to see the bog people. Loathe Liverpuddlians. They are just so rude!

However, the evening's entertainment was well worth it. Well, if you think Jamie Bamber writhing wantony on the tops of tables is a good night out. I do, so I was well pleased. I've *nver* seen Marlowe performed before, and so it was fun anyway, but Jamie was teh sex. I didn't know the boy had it in him. He played Mes. as a jaded pop star, rather like Jonathan Firth's take on Byron in Highlander. Well, that's what it reminded me off. But lots of Bambie slinking around on stage in glitter and eyeliner. Slurp, as my Aunt would say (but she doesn't like the Bamber, she's a Bloom girl).

I thought of lingering by the stage door but the fountain was turning to ice so I skipped back to my faded old tart of a hotel, which, by happy chance, was a mere two blocks away. I liked the Adelphi. Frayed now, but flock wallpaper straight out of any ITC show and it was just, well, it had history. It wore its history like Joan Crawford, but it certainly had character.

The hotel in Manchester was sweet, too. Loved it, bar the 42 steps up and down and round corners. Right next to the cathedral and giant ferris wheel, so I couldn't get lost.

So I'm here now. We'll see where we go next. I told you about Aberdeen and the seedy portside hotel full of Russian sailors, da? Good. That was less fun. Wish I#d gone shopping in Aberdeen though because that dvd shop I found seems to be the best in Britain because I've not seen any of the dvds I want, now, since. Mind you, considering the weather up there, you'd want a decent dvd library.

told you about the blizard, arriving in Wick in a blizzard and my hat blowing off? The car trip to John O'Groats and the unfortunate incident with the twisty road and the Tunnocks teacake? There was an ick factor. And it was blowing so hard it never touched the ground. Saw seals. Did not throw up on them.

Oooh, I'm about to be fed, and I've not eaten since Manchester. More later.

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