mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

you take the low road and I'll take the railroad

Dateline: Inverness. And fuck, it's freezing, my shitty little umbrella fell to pieces and my gloves are MIA, and I know I had them in London. Bugger.

It was freezing on the train and I was hoping for a hostel room for myself. I pity my room mates as I'm gonna wheeze and snuffle all night as that cold I had is mutating into something quite nasty.

Long, long train ride from London. Watched the scenery whiz past. Cheered at little when I sighted a few castles off on the horizon. I really like that old churches are still the highest point in most towns. I'm a filthy heathen, but I just like the aesthetics of it, which of course puts me entirely at odds with Management.

Side note: dear sweet fricking hell, everytime I sit in the lounge of these places, Friends is on the tv. I loathe Friends with a passion. This too must be endured. I've sat throgh more Ross and Joey in the last 48 hours than in the last ten years.

One more leg to go, then I will crawl into my Aunt's guest bed and not move for a week. That's the plan, as of now.

Had other things to say, but I've forgotten them all now. Maybe later. I think I'll recap when I get back from my journal. Won't that be fun? Don't all blow raspberries at once.

Inverness seems a lot, lot bigger than I remember it. Weird. Certainly that walk from the station in the driving sleet stretched for miles and miles. Thank goodness for one of those roving elderly Scottish ladies that they send out in squads to make sure you get to where you're going. Bless.

btw, spent at least $30 on hot chocolate and tea on the train. Entirely necessary. It was bloody freezing.

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