mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

mister donut san

I'm pretty sure that one shouldn't pick one's dinner based solely on the cuteness of the anime character, but it worked, because Samurai Octopus has stayed down and he was yummy, too. Well, it's not as if I can speak or read Japanese, so cartoon characters is as good as any other decision making tool.

I also found a Mister Donut. Oh, happiness. Had a shop in the early 90s. Everyone used to buy a box on Twin Peaks night. Didn't realise how much I missed them til I took a bite.

We all crammed into the shuttle bus, just like the commute at home, drove past strip malls, fast food joints, petrol stations , carparks and kwikimarts. I coulda been anywhere. Sigh. Even found the local Inn of the Golden Arches. Sigh. Never did get to the temples, though I think they were just a bit further on, as the town was as small as the map showed (general consensus: Bankstown). It was dark and late and I didn't want to miss the last bus. Yup, waiting at a bus stop by a train station in the dead of winter. What a new experience for me - not.

It was amusing, though, everyone from the plane roaming the streets (no footpaths) in packs, searching for somwhere cheap and open to eat. Rather like after a big show at the old Ent. Cent.

And nobody, nobody smokes like the Japanese. Not even the French. Nowhere near. I'm hacking up black tar and that was just from popping into Mr Donut. Kawf. Kawf.

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