mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

big trouble in little dvd store

Hey, Clark's mum is on Nash Bridges. Not that I'm watching - I just got in and I'm not in the mood for Buffy. Well, not Buffy S5 in any case.

I saw two joggers on the way home. What is the neighbourhood coming to? Thank god I got to sit next to that glue sniffer on the bud this morning. That's more like it. He dropped his apparatus, too, so my poor brain felt like a marshamallow in a microwave.

I wanted to go home early, just I could watch the end of Urban Legend. Discovered Michael Rosenbaum did the commentary on the dvd so I was listening to that but I didn't get through it all because I got home in time to watch MR in Justice League, then I had to stop again to watch him in Smallville, and I just crashed after that. Thought I might try buying it, but no go. Thought I might also buy a MB dvd to mark his birthday, but no go on that either. Not even T2. I mean, really.

Had to stay back late fixing stupid stuff like being sent map1.jpg to map4.jpg then being told that map 1 is really map 4, etc. Of course. How stupid of me. Tch. So by the time I get home I'm too tired for MR, MB or even the Bean, as I've been humming the theme from Sharpe all day and I was well in the mood for a Dick fix. But no. I just wanna crash, really badly - but first I must crank up the PC to find out the names of the Civic Minded Five for Bro. Sigh. Another week of unpaid overtime and I'm not getting my life back. 50 hours of housework, web admin and, fuck me, writing that ain't never gonna get done. Had I been allowed to go home after my 8 hours, I'd had gotten some fic done, I gurantee it. Nothing Now. I'm rooted.

And less than five minutes after that I was comatose. The next thing I knew it was Jerry Springer on tv and time to get up. I can't live my life like this. I don't want to live my life like this. All work and no tv sends this girl up onto the roof with a semi automatic - if I had access to one. Which I don't. Lucky, eh? Meanwhile, other people are still abed, ready for a hard day's tv viewing.

Heh, I decided last night I'd have to let my Wes page go, as, to quote a co-worker, I don't have time for the million things in the universe I have to do and still have a personal life, but guess what I spend my free 40 minutes mucking about with this morning? Go on, guess.

I think I'm just missing my weekly dose of Wes last night, as I slept through it, and I was disappointed I didn't get home in time to watch Sharpe, or indeed, Wesley. Just two hours, is that too much to ask? Obviously, yes. Meanwhile, people are still asking me when I'm going to finish my Stargate fic...

Took myself off for a walk at lunchtime and ran into an old friend from my old work. Everyone has gone over the wall, apparently, even Eli, though why she'd think I'd be interested in Eli...:) In other news, my inadvertant Kurt Russell dvd collection continues apace, and this time I have no excuses like Sean Pertwee (Soldier), Michael Biehn (Tombstone) or reference matrtial (Stargate). Heh, but I love Big Trouble In Little China so. Not even the stink of bad dates past (which colour many a film) can lessen my love of that cheesy yet delightful little flick.



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