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I Am Weevil

The Biehn Project hit a bit of a snag last night in the vhs shaped piece of effluent aka The Ride. Not only did it feature children (gak) but it was a Christian movie, in that Touched By An Angel in your face, down your throat and up your arse brand of Christianity. To hell with warnings about language or violence, or the very helpful nudity alert, I want warnings about unremitting sermonising to be slapped on the video box. That my observation of the worse the film : the more skin on show ratio was proven, even in a Family Movie, is probably the only reason the tape wasn't ejected immediately (qv Homer and "Paint Your Wagon"), but there was some serious abuse of the FF button going on. Ay carumba. Instead of feeding my Biehn addiction I nearly cured it. Aversion therapy ain't in it, as Jack Aubrey might say. Working my way through MB's back catalogue is indeed a double edged sword, as a friend recently remarked.

Thankfully Rob Lowe was on tap to cleanse the palate, in the form of The Weevil in The Specials. This movie is so bad it's great. It's the Justice League as a kitchen sinker and it makes enough wry observations on the super hero genre to have even mother tittering her way through it as I left for work this morning. Even better, or worse, depending on your viewpoint, Rob Lowe, always pretty much being Rob Lowe in his movies, plays the Weevil so much like's just too funny. I know I'll never be able to watch West Wing with a straight face again, if I ever catch up on this season. So I decided to tape it as I have to tape Evil Mountie for a friend almost immediately afterwards and then dub it to ntsc, so it doesn't matter if Paul Gross ends up on my Rob Lowe tape. Hope the vcr goes off okay, because I do not guarantee my ability to set the vcr with any degree of accuracy at five o'clock in the morning at all. At least I know The Specials was humming away happily when I left, exiting backwards out into the freezing cold darkness as Rob was on the screen. Whimper. Still, Rob Lowe for breakfast. I like that. Plus I found some screen caps for Saint Sebastian online. Holy Moly. I've never been the same since seeing that wall of St Sebastians in The Louvre and this...this looks like a keeper if I ever find it - giggle. A keeper up the back of the video collection J

My javascript doesn't love me. Sigh. I've been working on this for days. I really suck at this. Shouldn't have skipped off home early yesterday but I just had to take my new legal right to refuse excess unpaid overtime for a spin. Too bad I wasted it on truly crap Michael Biehn films.

Yes! Success! Everything's working on the demo pages. Menus, image fades, the works. Okay yes, with a lot of help from my friends, but yes, it goes. I'll be onto refinements and managerial fiddles now, where my design will devolve slightly as they object to font size, menu tab colours etc. But right now, yes, I'd put that in my portfolio. I'm feeling ever so smug. Maybe now my dreams can move away from coding and deal more with...other things (though Dream Reese was right, the design did work better when I flipped it backwards, the dear boy). J



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