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Willow kicks arse - you go girl!

No Biehn Fest last night. No, I watched Buffy last night (I still wanna smack that self righteous blonde bitch). Giles was back so for the first time in ages I actually stayed up to watch Buffy instead of taping it and watching it back much later when I've got nothing better to do. I never realised just how much I missed Giles, what a gaping hole he'd left in the show, about how the show suddenly rocked again when he showed up. Guess I'm an enormous Giles freak. Whoda thunk.

I've read a lot of guff about how could Willow possibly go off the rails so badly - and nice reference to Dark Phoenix, btw. Almost a required footnote to spare themselves the plgarism charges, but I digress. How could mousy little Willow explode like that? All too easily. Had to happen sooner or later. I too know the pain of being ignored, picked on and taken for granted since kindergarten and I've been screaming inside like Dark Willow all this year, not that anyone's noticed. Sometimes I think you do have to land a building on top of people before they realise you're feeling a bit miffed. Willow and I are as mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. Everything Willow did or said, I was so there, with her, and my life hasn't been graced with a Tara or Xander to save me from feeling rotten all the time. I was so totally there with poor Willow. So she had her tanty, she let loose with the furious pent up feelings and said a lot of things that had been bubbling up for a long while. Of course, lucky Willow, she gets to be forgiven.

The other thing I was thinking of while watching the episode (you go, girl!), aside from ain't that the Santa Barbera gardens (another been there?), was how no one is gonna believe my 75% written Ezra goes off on a murderous revenge kick and Buck has to talk him down at the end in a cemetery story as not being a deliberate riff off the episode, rather than just coincidence and shared source material. Oh well. And I've been working on it all week, though mainly the Chris scenes, as I said. Very much with the Ezra/Buck/Chris triangle, this one, which makes the BtVS parallels even more alarming. Don't care. I've invested far too much in this fic and I personally think it really rocks in places. I really want to finish it and get it up there. I was going to try and finish part 5 today but alas I'm in trouble at work again for stuff I didn't do but have to fix. Mutter.

You might think I included the parrot story as some sort of pythonesque homage but no. I saw that parrot at least once a week for over 20 years, since I was a bub, so it's all rather distressing. You know how much I loathe losing things I'm fond of or am used to, and I liked the old bastard. Trivia: that's the pet shop from which I bought my beloved and late and lamented dog Kirsty.

Ha, so I have some small legal recourse to say, no, I don't want to stay back and work through Smallville for free. Death to 12 hour days! Vive the Revolution.



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