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The Biehn Project: American Dragons

The Biehn fest continues. I managed to find American Dragons - fie on illiterate video store clerks - so that was my much needed treat for the night. And quite a treat to behold though it was the sort of chop sockey cop movie that I usually count not having to sit through as one of the minor blessings of singledom. So what do I do? I go and inflict movies like this on myself, voluntarily. Still, it wasn't too bad. Michael was doing the business, as always, working actor that he is, and it could have, it actually was, very slashy but the other lead was so dreadful, so unappealing, and so unintelligible that I kept repeating my mantra of 'no' throughout the film, especially during the uncomfortably high number of hugging scenes. I wonder who they had originally cast for this because MB's non Italianate visage was a lame running joke through out the movie, as in, funny, you don't look Italian. The same could be said for other castings but I'll refrain.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the regrettable headgear sported by my boy throughout the film. There's me actually sighing with relief when he took the ratty thing off to enter the church, and there's me grinding my teeth when he goes back to fetch it after fights, explosions, etc. Must be his security hat or something. The real attraction, what makes the movie worth the price of renting it, is the entirely gratuituous but I am so not complaining scene in the boxing gym. Disturbing homoeroticism aside, because, like, ewww, not with "I'm Korean, you know. Did I mention I was Korean?", oh no, please no. Oh, but all the shots of Michael. Oh my. Oh Michael. Hello still advance button and a pox on tape static. Note to self: buy this is it ever shows up as a cheap dvd. This scene bears repeating. Lots of repeating. That and the scene in the church because the boy took that stupid hat off and he got all dewey eyed and softly lit and just looked...beautiful. Then I think, hey, haven't I seen that church in the X Files? Oh yes because then end up in a "Japanese Temple". Japanese my arse. It's the Chinese gardens in Vancouver and no amount of faux paper walls is going to disguise it. Aside from countless Highlander episodes, I've actually been there and I recognised it straight off. So weird to watch my boy's Good Cop engage in fisticuffs where I've sat down and had my sandwiches, but there he was. I spent hours there and I practically know every pepple in the place, and there it was on screen. Sort of like a home movie by proxy. I was too amused at the lame-arse scattering of pebbles that was supposed to indicate a kaboom at the end. Highlander indeed. J

Not a bad movie, not a particularly good movie either, but it had its moments. Or rather, Michael had his moments when he just lit up the screen. Including the disturbing flirty scene: "Do you karaoke?" Oh, please no, not said like a sexual proposition. I may never be able to watch Angel again. J

Real life: another 12 hour day yesterday, plus shopping and errands so I didn't get to upload my site updates, again. Arrrgh, and I was only paid for like half the day. Took my revenge this morning, using the work connect to clear out my mailbox, trying to prune the more innocuous posts (so as not to totally breach the net policy here though after the pics I ran across yesterday while innocently looking for clip art for some manager...). Missed dinner due to lateness, so it was upstairs and no supper, again. That and Bro has broken another chair so the only chair is my chair so I'm banished anyway. Thank the gods and prophets for Michael Biehn, and Michael Biehn videos. I also stayed up and watched Buffy - somebody smack Buffy, please, the self centred bitch - and the much more satisfying Six Feet Under. Then, because I was still a bit tired and peeved, Star Trek: Spectre of the Gun. The one where they end up in a faux Tombstone, without my wild eyed boy. I know it's beyond cheese, but old Trek is like tv comfort food, and after that I finally managed to get to sleep. Okay, B5 helped. It always sends me to sleep. J

No MB tonight, because of prior taping commits, but the Biehn Project should roll on tomorrow. I just realised I've been slowly indulging in this film fest since I got my mits on those M7 tapes back over Xmas. Let's see how many films I get through by years close.J

The cadet Happy episode. Not quite so annoying as I'd expected, but it's kind of like the Attack of the Clones effect. you going in expecting abomination and when it's just merely bad, you sigh with relief. I honestly kindof tuned out the cadets, but the Daniel parts were fun. He loved Hammond's chair rather too much. He needs to join certain white house staffers over at furniture abusers anonymous. J

Broca Divide. Always liked this one. I swear Daniel is no longer canocially a virgin by this episode's end J. Fave bits:

  1. Teal'c getting down on his knees to apologise for misplacing Daniel
  2. Jack/Janet urst
  3. snippy Sam
  4. Makepeace's obession with Daniel's arse
  5. Could the Minoan dudes' outfits be like, any gayer?

48 Hours
aka From Russia with love
The big Daniel/Paul episode. Nuff said. The scenes that launched a thousand fics. Me, I found the slash residing over at chez Jack & Harry myself. Hey, let's camp it up like a couple of queens and squeal about uber top secret info over the top of a mummy car in a public place. Oh yeah. Harry sure put the secret in secret agent. Bonus bit - the return of snippy Sam. Yay.

First Commandment

Or where Sam & Danny discuss their mutual attraction to special forces psychos. Love that scene. Love long suffering Teal'c escorting school children on an excursion rather than a patrol through enemy territory. Love the way Jack's hand slides over Danny's back in the scene where Danny regrets not having the balls to stand up to Sam. Love how the quarry is still painted red fromthe X Files. Too freaking funny. Also a very nice hello Danny moment when he runs down the steps away from a staff weapon weilding Teal'c. Not that I notice or anything. Oh yeah, my other absolute fave bit - where Danny grumps that the macoroni and cheese tastes like chicken. Ha! Somebody had seen the movie. Fancy that.



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