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Work bonfires. Did ten hours, went home and crawled straight into bed. Stargate wasn't too bad, 48 Hours, and Jack muse, roused no doubt by the sight of Maj. Davis making cosy with lil Danny 'Dead Man Walking' Jackson, started dictating the next bit of the story in my shell-like (as yet uncommitted to paper or pc). I was looking forward to my Thursday night dose of Detective Munch but ended up being violently ill for hours instead. All night in fact. Dozed off in front of Channel Ten in between bouts, catching only a few minutes of my beloved Det. Munch, but woke up to young and mostly naked Rob Lowe. Alas being further violently ill prevented me from watching About Last Night in its entirety, which is probably a good thing. Hopefully my Munch viewing tonight will be uninterupted, and maybe I'll get to catch up on a year's worth of West Wing on the weekend (home disasters notwithstanding, at least my social calendar is a blessed wasteland again). My poor WW tape is still stuck where I stopped it five weeks ago, when I had to race off and be violently ill. Okay, and my problem with Rob Lowe is...?

So anyway, I drag myself, still violently ill, into work to deal with yesterday's bonfires, formal complaints about my going home early (after 10.5 hours, only 7 of which I'm actually paid for) and not having done the required amends. Hello, it's called the refresh button, people. Sheesh. I am not going to get this project done if I've got to play the hokey pokey with various files all day, with person A asking to put it up and person B telling me to take it down, and person C not hitting their refresh button and getting person D to delete it off server F so now I have to start all over again, unless of course there's still a version of page Y on server G. Grizzle. Dummy spit. And I'd lasted all week - I was so proud, I'd survived two really hard weeks without losing it or stuffing up really badly. Time for another cup of tea and a few more Michael Biehn piccies, or a quick glimpse at the Herald if nothing else. I shouldn't be so cranky but I'm tired and very much afflicted with the dreaded lurgy that's had my family abed the last fortnight and instead of being in bed myself I'm trying to run a whole department singlehanded and people are getting on my case something chronic because I'm not an intelligent octopus and I can't do everything at once, not without stuffing up, at any rate. Ow, my aching head. Do you think they'd notice/mind if I just crawled under my desk for the rest of the day?



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