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Heh, heard they've sent a whole of lot B Ark celebrities who are famous for no discernable reason, like say, talent, out here for the UK celebrity Big Brother. The compound will hold the likes of one of the Spice Girls and professional rock whore and sometime "actress" Patsy Kensit. Good start. Now if we could just keep them there in a Woomera style detention centre and send a few more their way, and where to start, really, well, Danni Minogue, there's my number one choice, well, it'd be a nice start. And it'd free up the tabloids for press coverage on my Brit Boys, some of whom can't even get arrested of late, though kudos to James Purefoy for being snapped within the vicinity of BleuchGwynnethBleuch. That's the way to shag yourself into the glossies. Ditto Orlando Bloom and Matthew McFadyen. You, go, boys. Just lie there and think of the British film industry. J

Friday. At last. One project done, two half done, one family emergency and my regular daily duties in admist some office politics that'd make Julius Caesar quail. Not bad, though I know all my friends could manage so much better. They masterfully juggle home and 70 deadlines and still have time to solve world poverty, while I struggle not to drown in shallow water. Oh well. I'm just not one of those people who find life easy, for me it's a constant struggle just to stay in one place. Worse, as crap as I am as a programmer I'm apparently a crap web designer too. I just can't do it. I used to think I could but I was just taking the credit for bitchin content. Nobody likes the new BA design. Sigh. At least it downloads quicker. Whimper. Maybe I can touch it up a bit. Next week. I'm probably not even a good writer, I'm just writing in rare or popular fandoms where people will read any old dreck. Usually such a crisis in confidence would absolutely shatter me, but I've still got a bit of chill pill in me so I just feel...a bit sad.

I did manage amusement over Justice League last night. Dear Kal-El, so concerned over Lex. It was all so...sweet. Talk about your co-dependants - snicker. Alas I shall have to tape Time Squad and Super Friends this weekend because I'm working. Of all the rotten luck. Unpaid, too. This is my pay my own training course weekend. Oh well. Hope the vcr timer works. I need my Buck and Larry. J.



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