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After a long, long day, which wasn't too bad, Cold Fusion installed on new EvilWorkPC and some fic dabbled with (since nobody gets the Clint Eastwood references in the show, I'm shovelling them on in the fic. It's sad but fun) and email progs that were behaving like an old married sit com couple, ie either not talking to each other or talking at cross purposes, I managed to meet up with Sin for our much planned dinner.

Walked down the main drag, it still being very much the small country town I grew up in on a basic street plan level, and found a place that served steak, seafood and pasta. Yum. Took forever to serve us (I think they had to go lasoo the cow) but when the food finally arrived it was fantastic. Serious portions, too. My exile west may suck in most things, but at least the food is good, cheap and doesn't come out in tiny fiddly portions that you know you're supoosed to just look at, not eat. No, here out west food is for serious eating J

We just rolled out of there like bowling balls. I'm still digesting. But the protein - Sin's steak was rarer than she's like and I ate it like a pig - must have helped because I've had a very productive fic dabble this morning. Managed to get several pages done, and I'm really happy with them. Polished up the regettable Clint Eastwood riffs.

Weirdly, the Scots are nuts for Westerns which is why my Dad inflicted every Western known to man upon my young mind. It's a fun palate to draw from in my M7 fic though. Now I'm onto my 4th fic I've got a handle on the western again. At least, it feels like I have. Maybe when people read it they'll just think I've swapped the props around. But I try. The Victorian paintings were most instructive in giving me ideas about the Victorian perceptions of love, death, poverty, lifestyle, that sort of thing. Looking at contemporary paintings and photos at least helps me move the right props and costumes around. Which is more than can be said for the M7 Powers That Be, but never mind.

We had a massive Marti Noxon bashing session last night as we're up to the really bad episodes down here, for which she rightly copped a bucketing. We agree that Marti turns the charcters into Mary Sues/Avatars and she really needs to get over herself. She's dishing up fan fic on screen, and bad fan fic at that. Using your own experiences to make a scene real is one thing, turning characters into fictional versions of yourself is quite another. I've just wanted to slap Buffy hard for the last 3 seasons, and that ain't good. I swear, only Spike keeps me tuning in. Good to hear James managed to renegotiate his contract on the fact that TPTB finally admit he's the only thing they've got going these days. (And was Nicholas green eyed over JM's new pay packet. Oh yeah, baby. He certainly allows that James has earned it, but avarice, baby). J

I feel like a grannie. I went to bed early last night after dinner, and Sin went onto to stay on the net to past midnight. She was apparently answering all her feedback emails. I never get FB. The cost of writing to the beat of my own drummer, I guess. Still, on the rare occassions when I do get it, it's good. J

I knew I needed my sleep so off I went after watching Matty Boy (Ioan's better half) run most attractively from BBC dinosaurs in The Lost World. Set the vcr and it was sleepy times for Jen Jens. Mind you, I'm out again tonight so I needed to pace myself. Hmm, qv grandma comment. Hopefully watching The Lost World sometime this weekend will kickstart my SG fic, it being so obviously the source material, or did people not recognise the pit? J

If I'm not on chat on Saturday, and I'd so planned to do so while I uploaded shitloads to my page, I'll either be out again, or sleeping. This sudden burst of social activity is gonna kill me. Just not used to it. If it was spaced out evenly, then fine, but it always seems like two weeks of mad dashing about, then 4 months of laundry and bad tv, then it starts all over again.



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