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thank fuck it's friday

I'm going to kill my boss. You see, I've been planning all year to go up to the mountains for a week or two, just to write/type. But he gives me all these big projects with big dealines, so I cancel my plans. I cancel all my plans, cause everthing has be done by next Friday, when my boss gets back from his week in the mountains. Grrr. How did I find out? Because the fax machine spilled all over the floor and I tidied it up like a good little office wench. More devious minds than mine suggested I note the number on his reservation confirmation and ring him with any problems that I might have. Heh.

Of course this means another weekend of work and study. I don't mind. I'm one of those people for whom being sent to my room or sent to coventry is usually a reward rather than punishment. Aside from work I have my own projects: the pages, the fic, scanning family photos, housework, taping Roswell for a dear friend that I should have taped weeks ago. That sort of thing. And catching up on a week's worth of tv because I've been working 12 hour days again and just crashing when I get home. I'm lucky if I manage to set the timer before I face plant on the pillows. Of course tonight I'll be mourning the exit of my beloved Dr Patrick Spiller on Casualty. Whimper. Sniffle. For several years I've watched/taped dear Patrick. I will miss looking forward to Friday nights/Saturday mornings - my prime Patrick viewing times.

Last night's Stargate. Well, I missed the start because I was scanning photos of a friend and I knew I'd taken some nice ones when we were in the UK (happy memories). I would have said when we were in Bath together but considering the number of people who misread my posts, well, that would be just asking for trouble - grin. Anyways, Wormhole Extreme. Why I watched this instead of the Michael Biehn snippets over on Arena I'll never know. A couple of points to consider:

  1. If you're a cheesy, cheaply made, badly written Sci-Fi show, best not to draw attention to that fact. The funny episode only ever worked once or twice on the X Files and only when the X Files was still considered classy entertainment.
  2. Do not bring back characters people loathed the first time around
  3. Do not sideline characters people actually like
  4. Two Deluises on screen is two Deluises too many.
  5. Do not mock the fans. They are your bread and butter and should be treated with the respect you'd give to any client.
  6. Do not pisstake other shows that do it better than you do
  7. Pink is not Teal'c's colour
Sorry, just possibly one of my least favourite episodes, ever. And the cadets next week. Oy...

Now I know it's the hormones that are making me hungry. I was all zen like at my desk, actually using the happier creative side of my brain for once, but I was suddenly really, really hungry for something sweet so I stepped out for lunch. Big mistake. Dummy spat in Starbucks after waiting nearly half an hour for a group of squabbling western oriental gentlemen to realise that Starbucks wasn't a barter economy. They carried on and on and on and I had to be back at my desk and I just went Xena on them. Needless to say after over twenty minutes of haggling and fucking about they finally placed their orders and took a seat. They did deserve it, you know. You should have seen the queue behind me. Ack, must be school holidays. Posturing young men everywhere. Give me a freakin' break.



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