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spider-man, spider-man

Sucess! I managed to get My First SQL Database up and running to specifications. I know, for those of you much for technically advanced, you're thinking big woop, but it was. I had an epiphany during Get Smart and I spent all day building and tweaking and it worked. So I took myself up the shops to celebrate. Ran into some folks I knew vaguely from cons. It was hey girl, and hey, you guys, from me. I suck at putting names to faces. You see nobody bothered to notice I was nearly legally blind until I was 12, I was written off as a retard instead, so I never saw a human face until I was 12 and I was very poorly socialised on top of that and Dr Karl says if you don't learn as a kid you never do because he has the same problem. So anyways I end up going to see Spider-Man with my nameless associates. Unfortunately it was in broom closet number five which they'd never seen before and they were horrified. Talk about a private screening. Think of a theatre as big as your lounge room, with a screen no bigger than your average office whitboard and one tinny mono speaker up the front. Really. My old government highschool had better equipment, let alone my friends. Throw in the annoying child in front who kept hoovering noisely at the bottom of his empty coke cup and you have combat viewing conditions. In spite of that I did enjoy the movie, though the quieter moments were ruined by hoover boy, but everyone laughed and cheered when Ted Raimi showed up for his obligatory cameo. Bruce was there too so we had the Raimi Rep company well represented.

After the movie we scattered like rats to catch the last buses home (at least there were buses) and I went home and just crashed. Mother is on another austerity drive though. Nothing sets her off so much as the idea of me having fun. She doesn't believe I should have any of the things she never had: tv, cds, dvds, talking movies, indoor plumbing. Hence a broom over a vacuum cleaner, a bucket over a washing machine. Have you ever seen those British shows 1900s House and 1940s House where they stick a modern family in primitive conditions and watch them slowly go mad? My life is like that. My favourite top has also gone MIA. Damn. That's two favourite tops recently. That'll learn me to go out. Guess I'll be shopping for something dowdy tonight.

Just been told the (quake) Marketing Dept are coming around today. I volunteered to fetch the garlic and crucifixes while my coworker fetched the holy water. It's too late, he said, they're way too evil for such piffling measures. We've decided on casting protective circles in rock salt as a last desperate attempt to ward them off. At least I'm not the only here who sees them as some sort of demonic Masonic like secret society. They certainly operate that way. The Vatican ain't got nothing on these guys.

Quote of the day:

    Ewan McGregor: "It was more exciting being in a sex scene with a man. It's something outside my normal experience, snogging a bloke."




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