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Jude Law voted the sexiest man alive
When He Smiles: A Jude Law PhotoGallery
Transcript: Hey Jude
Jude's 60 Minutes Australia video
"National Treasure" Press Conference - November 8, 2004
Roberts Fails to Get 'Closer' to Costars,1259,---23685,00.html
Getting 'Closer' to Julia, Natalie, Clive and Jude
‘Phantom’ contenders, indeed
Making Oscar's nice list
Slick, stylized and slim 'Machinist' turns bloated
"The Merchant of Venice" Press Conference - November 9, 2004
Despite a skinny star, 'Machinist' retains its weight
Ghost in the Machinist
Trent's Last Case
Jude Law is sexy but doesn't care
Framestore CFC Does Digital Intermediate for Enduring Love
The Golden Film of Ballooning
Fantastic Four Set Visit
We Heart Russell
The Machinist,,14931-1372989,00.html
Daniel Craig
Enduring Love
Gruffudd in the lead for Bond,9171,1101041129-785366,00.html
Let's Talk About Sex

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