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Bro wanted more stuff done on my PC. He's just doing this until I break and buy him his own, again. It always works. He's gotten two pcs, a dvd player, a digital camera and a scanner by breaking me down with his constant demands. Quite the standover man. But it is a family tradition, as I discovered last week.

Turns out the Sassenach side of the family, which Bro takes after, counts a set of twin Eastend villains amongst their number, only in the 1780s, not the 1960s. I know they were sent out here, but as to what the got up to in old Blighty, well, the Nazis conveniently erased that little saga of history by blowing up the records, but as some of their crimes involved Essex, Kent and Canterbury, I like to imagine a bit of highway robbery. It'd be cool.

But as east end stand over merchants, they must have been the bomb, because Bro does the whole "isn't this nice, wouldn't it be a shame if something happened to it, ooops," routine all too well.

And as for the ancestor who was caught fencing silver, well, considering the silver I'm about to polish this weekend bears the stamp of many a hotel and shipping line, I think we can all discount the whole criminal gene theory. Not.

Still, consider yourself warned to count the silverware and not to give me any bovver, alright? And I haven't even mentioned all the revolting Scots, mutineers, political prisoners, early, rioting unionists, socialists, thieves, and general ratbaggery, proudly terrorists to a man, that form my family tree.

Me, behave? It's at least six hundred years too late for that, sunshine.

Squee! Okay, so my friends and family might hate and despise me, but the rest of the universe is cutting me a little slack, which is greatly appreciated. There have been cakes, not getting rained, buses showing up on time and now this, a shiny brand new box of Avengers dvds in my hand. I've waited years for these to be released and every month it's been cancelled. Until now. Whee! A whole 1967 season of classy, campy 60s spy goodness. I mean, sure I had Dept. S and a few UNCLEs, but this is the jewel in the crown. This is Emma Peel. I couldn't even pick one episode to watch last night, I just wanted to savour the box. Yes, I'm a loon, but a happy loon.

Raced off early to get it, too. Sure it earned me a public and stern rebuke, but it was worth it. It's been ages/years since I've had somewhere ring me up and say my order has come in - I just had to trot off and get it.

So I got home in time to see a sulky, pouty, pissy, grumpy cockatoo shredding up the bread he'd been given. I couldn't take it. I gave in and gave him a bickie and his face lit up. Too sweet, the dear old thing.

Okay, so I'm going to have to budget biscuits into the shopping lists. It's okay, because those magpies who used to beg for poppy seed biscuits, Kurt and Courtney, were chased off by a meaner magpie, alas, so I'm not buying those any more. At least the other magpies and currawongs are omnivorous and have to settle for table scraps. Funny how they say in books that birds like this and that when, in fact, some currawongs love grapes, others loathe 'em, ditto magpies and biscuits. Some can't get enough, others give you the f-off face. I've read that lorikeets don't bathe, but we had one that was always splishing and splashing. Some birds get really tame, others never do. They're all different, and yes, I've become quite the crazy bird lady. But ol yella is so cute when he makes his happy bickie face. I think his owner ditched him because he's a pack a day man.

So instead of watching dvds I did another load of scanning for youse lot. Well, okay, I watched the end of Buffy because it was the S4 Halloween episode with Giles in a sombrero and I just had to watch, as Buffy is all downhill from thereon. So I watched Buff, then I scanned, then I watched Who, then I did the tea thing, then I photoshopped (hence the complete lack of straightening out this time round, because I was tired and fed up by then), then I set the timer and went to bed. At some point I have nearly a whole season of SFU to watch. And QAF. I'll be dead of old age before I have time, but never mind, it's the thought that counts.

I'd put in for my RDOs but was claim jumped, bugger. Well, I was only planning on doing housework, and probably would have ended up watching the Avengers instead. Yeah, I'd do that. If the end came, I'd regret not watching the Avengers much, much more than not vacuuming under the couch. Some folks are the complete opposite, but this is me, this is how my poor fetid brain works. Accept it or move on. I'm too fat, old and tired to try and squeeze myself into a round hole now, just to please you. That service is no longer available.

Yeah, horror of horrors, I always wanted to grow up to be Emma Peel, but ended up as Cathy Gale instead. "What's for breakfast?" asks Steed hopefully after a case. "Cook it and find out," Cathy growls back at him. Oh yeah, that's me, grumpy, growly and always ready to smack up guys who piss me off.

Speaking of which, back to work as my inbox just exploded. Bastard.

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    Ye're chief rival be the Dread Pirateevildrem
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    Cut to ribbon in a freak cannon accident...quietus_x
    Yer pirate captive to use fer yer wicked pleasuressammie323
    Number o'ships ye'll sink and women ye'll plunder!262
    Chance ye'll be hanged... or worse.: 73%
    Quiz created with MemeGen!


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