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Stayed up late last night watching O Brother Where Art Thou on cable. I love that film. I love the songs. I forgot to mention I once did a paper on Depression Era songs. Predominantly Australian but as always there were imports and I remember Big Rock Candy Mountain. Great song - such a complete study of the times, just in the words.

GateReview reviews my fic!

Quote of the day (Magnificent Seven):

    Vin: Hey, cowboy... join ya?

    Chris: I was thinking about whiskey... a room... bed... more whiskey.

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Better get back to it. Knit one, perl one. Sigh. Shoulda stayed home. EvilTubey is blocked again and I could bite through a steel bar, unmedicated, I swear I could. Stayed in late this morning with dear hot water bottle but that ol' Protestant work ethic got the better of me. It's moments like these I wish I was Catholic J. Knit one, perl one. I hate coding. I'll certainly have an even more killer CV when I leave but I'm not really interested in pursuing this line any longer. It's all automated now and I've gone from artiste to mechanic. Blah. I feel like Captain Kirk in that episode where they tried to replace him with a computer. If only I could make the server wheeze smoke from its ears, the way JTK used to with any miscreant computer that crossed his path. My hero.

Damnation. Next week, three programmes (Buffy, Six Feet Under, Queer as Folk), one vcr. Bugger. of course, the rest of the week is a tv ghost town, tumbleweeds and all, but Monday 10.30 pm, oh no, let's throw in all the good stuff there. And that's just free to air. Add in cable and I'm missing even more stuff. Grumble. Gnash. Mutter. Whine. Whimper.

So I ended up watching QAF US. The reviews were right, surprise, surprise, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Call me an old anglophile but the idea of a US version of any Brit show induces shudders automatically. I mean, Cracker anyone? And the list goes on. But this, this was okay. They'd taken QAF and rubbed off all the sharp edges, which is what you'd expect really, the Yanks always prefering sugar to salt. At least it answers the question: whatever happened to Hal Sparks, late of Talk Soup. Sure, I could have looked him up on the net, but who has the time, and I'd forgotten how cute he was. Again I say, straight my arse. So, that was some fun viewing. Buffy was pretty good too. Of course, it would be (cause I missed the start). Don't know what I'm going to do next week. Hook up Big Tel and tape fuzzy Buffy off the bunny ears I suppose, as I can't really wait until the eps show up on Foxtel. I'm just not that patient. Not when I still race home to see the occassional old episode, like today. Buffy kind of sucks these days, but it's like an old something I can't quite bring myself to get rid of, not yet.Onwards to Smallville, a mere 17.5 hours away now. Oooh, Thunderbirds. Guess I'm going to be zombiefied tomorrow, I mean today. Still can't sleep and David McCallum is in Babylon 5.

Of course, I'm too much of a sentimental fool to manage that out with the old, in with the new doctrine, especially as I rather like some of the old and I can't afford anything new. Even my recent dvd splurge, and yes, there have been howls of protest, were all nostalgia buys. I don't understand the upset. Meds aren't cheap, I know that better than anyone, and the prescription of watching a few fave tv shows made me happier than I've been in a long while, since I last indulged - Xmas I believe. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch what I want rather than what I should, or what other people want to watch. I've been suffering bad tv while I've worked away in front of it, but to just sit and watch a show I love, to give an hour of my life to pure fantasy, it's like a sugar high in the veins. Probably unhealthy but I don't care. Like Buffy, gimme the fantasy any time.

Thou shalt not have an imagination or a creative temprament. If I wanted to be a better programmer and worker drone I'd consent to the chemical lobotomy but I don't wanna. I feel like that social outcast always on the run from the sterile pvc clad enforcers in all those sci fi shows I watched as a kid (metaphor much?). Yup, gonna keep running from the Sandmen for a bit longer, even if the running is harder these days. And now I'm flashing on Michael Biehn again. So sad that I remember him in Logan's Run. So sad I devoted pages to him in my diary of the time. Haven't seen that show in decades. Many decades.

Oh great, the bats are back. Shut up already. It's 3.5 hours until I'm due in the shower, okay? Getting up is gonna hurt, chronic fatigue or no. Not that anyone believes it's anything more than a stupid, selfish, selfabsorbed don't waste my time pathetic cry for attention. No one even seems to care when I collapse in shaking sweats unable to go on. Well, no one except my birds. They always get upset when I keel over at home. In fact they get upset seconds before I know I'm going down, so I'm thinking something's going on. Or maybe I'm just a hysterical bitch who needs a good stern slapping, again. Whatever. Back to attempting to build my database. I am so rooted.



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