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In spite of being given three urgent projects at work I took Friday off to do housework because I'd been told this was an area I'd been shamefully neglecting and it was unhappily true. The house is a shambles, in spite of my half arsed attempts at little tidy ups. Mind you I wasn't the one who tore down the front curtain for whatever reason. Now I have to buy new curtains.

So Friday doesn't dawn as such. I wake at my usual time and I realise I will need sunlight to see (still have all those broken lights) so I have to wait the three hours until the sun actually rises. So I start reading comics to pass the time. Reading leads to writing and it's not just fic slipping of the end of my pencil, it's prose. Almost Whitman like prose and though no one else will like it I love it and I'm ever so pleased and I could write like this all day but I have to do housework. I spend all day cleaning, tidying, sorting, organising, throwing out, dusting, washing, rearranging. Unfortunately the rest of the household saw my feeble attempts to restore some sort of order as my attempt to install my sense of order and they rebelled with nasty, violent, aggressive abuse and punishmebt all weekend. It was not my intent, at least, not consciously. I was just trying to clean the house and yeah, I might have touched some of their piles of crap, but I was just trying to vacuum around it. So bring on the violent territorial displays.

Naturally I spent the rst of the weekend cowering in a locked room with the tv. Saturday involved the Professionals, Roswell, I Spy and Magnificent Seven. Oh, that was fun. I watched the scene where Ezra walks down into the rancher's enclave over and over. Oh my. Classic episode (One Day Out West). Chris flirting with Vin. Chris telling Ezra he's a bad boy. Chris casually threatening to kill Ezra (such a dysfunctional relationship), Chris threatening Buck (ditto). And you wonder why Chris is such a mad, bad bastard in my fic. J Because he so is and both Ezra and Buck get a glimpse of his bad side. One of these days Vin will too and then he can join the Chris survivors club. Known a few people like that, they don't just leave cast offs in their wake, they leave survivors. But I digress. And then there's Ezra, so pretty. And Chris, so pretty. And Vin, so pretty.

So then I watched some more Now and Again until it was time for Monarch of the Glen. Sunday was much the same with only a change of programme. No writing, just tidying up my own personal space, as I dare not trespass. Sheesh. Who knew housework could be so political?



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