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  • Henry VIII
  • Closer
  • New 'Alfie' looks sharp but has lost its teeth
  • 'Alfie' remake knows what it's all about
  • Alfie
  • Set Pics from Bay's Island
  • McGregor to spy another day as 007?
  • 'Alfie' An Exuberant Remake
  • Welsh stars gunning for Bond
  • Holiday films
  • Gwyneth Paltrow did 'Sky Captain' only to meet Jude Law
  • 'Alfie': Jude Law Is Bird Hunting Out of Season
  • Sienna Miller and Jude Law in Alfie
  • Jude Law dazzles every broad in the city as a charming 'Alfie'
  • In 'Alfie,' Jude Law knows what it's all about
  • Movie Review: Jude Law charms as a heel in stylish remake of 'Alfie'
  • Ewan McGregor approached for Bond role?
  • McGregor 'in negotiations for Bond role'
  • National Treasure
  • Craig finds love again
  • He plays the obsessor and the obsessee (Daniel)
  • Rules of Law
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