mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

It's cold!

I woke up this morning rehersing things to say, which is good. It means I'm keen and getting back into the writing habit proper. It's also very sad. But it gives me a chance to whine about how fucking cold it is. Okay, it's only like 5C and I'm a complete baby, but that's cold for here. Break out Big Red cold - my old faithful red coat much mocked by my overseas friends (I only travel during their winter cause I'm poor) - it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage. So it's warm, it still does excellent duty as coat/blanket/pillow/friend. My new work certainly ain't. The cold was cutting through it like I was wearing kleenex this early morn. I thought it was so cold because it was so clear - I saw the dim glow of pre-dawn today from where I stood atop the hill waiting for the bus (on time today, please note), but by the time I got into work it was all foggy. As I look out the window now it's very foggy. I can barely see the hill. Of course, having the bus still air conditioned for summer didn't help. It was taking that 5C and refridgerating it down to -15C, well, it felt like it. I'll be checking my ears for frostbite throuhgout the day. It was toasty warm at work but the air cond just kicked in here, too. You see, I can do winter overseas, they have heaters and it's lovely. Here it's all air conditioned so I'm just cold and miserable the whole damn day. I foresee many cups of tea in my future, just to warm my hands on the cup. Yeah, that cold. Unhappy cold.</p>

At least the bracing bus ride woke me up. I must have had 30 mins of quality sleep, max. I wanted to go to bed early like a geriatric but after having to tape Rodders in CSI (what a fucking boring show, and so wrong on procedure) and a very very very young and sneering Sean Bean in The Bill I caught my second wind. It's a uni thing, meant to keep me awake and alert until I used to get home after midnight, but it meant I was figety and had trouble sleeping. I was also writing, which was fun. If nothing else I gotta thank my Dad for giving me a wide vocabulary in Westerns, though I doubt anyone reading my Ezra fics will spot the many rip - I mean, hommages.J

Sean was only on screen in The Bill for seconds but it was worth it. You see him first from behind in a spray on pair of jeans and I thought to myself: I'd know that arse anywhere. Oh yeah, work it, baby.J



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