June 13th, 2021


My tweets

  • Sat, 15:29: Late lunch at the NSFA. Most excellent cafe and shout out to the lovely guys at the counter. Gen X haven. I wonder if it's because we're the only gen that could easily and cheaply hold a film in our hands. Ever notice how it's back to here today, gone tomorrow? https://t.co/XqOmsIGNRU
  • Sat, 15:39: Scien dome tingy, whatever they're calling it this week, with new pink copper roof after the storm. https://t.co/EJWPgsw6kY
  • Sat, 16:45: National Portrait Gallery. David Allen's Sam Neill Suite, which i will not be posting, speaks to me much more now than it did when I first saw it (having gone down the rabbit hole with the Mad Hatter while stressed). HJ, Vincent Fantauzzo 2020. https://t.co/7FFLVKN2sx
  • Sat, 19:21: Awkwardly posed money shot. It was a bit of a scrum. But any excuse to see some pics from the National Gallery UK because I'm not getting there any time soon (or again). https://t.co/0qdpO5WaTf
  • Sat, 19:23: I was pleased to see a few I'd read about on the wall. I dutifully observed the main points I was to observe. https://t.co/bGR8aupdAi
  • Sat, 20:18: Oh baby it's cold outside. https://t.co/xsJ1cqB0Bs
  • Sun, 04:45: RT @V_and_A: Now that’s what you call a costume! Back in the 80s, musician Adam Ant's iconic style perfectly embraced androgyny. This out…