July 12th, 2016


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  • Mon, 21:41: RT @TwoPaddocks: Could we all just have a week where, you know, NOT MUCH HAPPENS. Please. Is that too much to ask ? Boring , uneventful - T…
  • Mon, 21:44: RT @exitthelemming: This is why we need women-led blockbusters. Those faces. Be what you see. https://t.co/Lg6c63txtx
  • Mon, 22:24: Saw Our Kind Of Traitor. For free. Which is pleasing in my desolate life as I've been fangirling JLC for months. It was damn good, too.
  • Mon, 22:29: Comfort casting too: Ewan (naif), Damian (prissy MI6), Jeremy (evil MP), Mark (backroom boy) and Stellan (force of nature). Worked for me.
  • Mon, 22:31: And Naomi, stuck between fiesty career chick and damsel in distress, as always. Plot kept to the rails but that's just what I wanted today.