April 24th, 2016


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  • Sat, 23:08: Watched Shakespeare on dvd today. Went with Globe productions, because Globe.
  • Sat, 23:10: Though I do have Loki as Henry V, Magneto & Prof X as Macbeths, Kilgrave as Hamlet. MCU rocks Shakespeare.
  • Sat, 23:12: RT @DavidBerthold: "The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he is really very good - in spite of all the people who say he is very g…
  • Sat, 23:23: RT @guardian: Cillian Murphy: ‘Is this it, for the rest of my days?’ https://t.co/D5rQnT8iYQ

Anything else?

Had to get a new washing machine (and I miss the old one, it was perfect, my first ever washing machine), which involved cleaning out the laundry (don’t have garage, attic or cellar so the laundry is where the junk goes), though not too much, as it’s only an old outdoor loo. Took a whole day, though.

Actually been getting through some of the to-do list (weeds, gutters) as I’m on the jury roll which means no going anywhere for a year, house arrest, basically. Joy.

Saw the Abominable Bride on New Years, twice, because one was at the multiplex and the other at Riverside and I wanted to experience both venues, because they’re such wildly different venues, with wildly different audiences. I thought it was a quaint yet amusing mash-up of Wilkie Collins and other sensational Victorian novels (that was the term they used). Penny Dreadful without the dreadful, just the Adam Adamant angst over feminism (oh, boys, do go up, and soonish, eh?).

Saw a few other films, Star Wars for one, (took a half day off work over Xmas for that), had several very nice meals, two at a good Italian restaurant in Martin Place (Intermezzo), so good we went back, and at the Sydney Tower, once for my birthday (that was great, they even brought me tiny wee cake) and once again for kicks (less fab but still great). The NT Live films we go to usually involve yum cha or brunch at Emporium, and gelato from Messina by the riverbank afterwards.

Messina has the best gelato, way, way, way better than the ice cream on offer at the actual National Theatre in London (I know because I made an empirical study). The crazy flavours are always a treat, had coco pops gelato last time, oh man.

Been reading spy novels, because MFU bender. Revisiting Fleming, discovering Le Carre (and it’s a good time to read him now rather than before because it’s all embittered civil servant stuff and office politics and oh boy, do I get that now) and Agatha Christie, who writes some of the most cracking spy stories and it’s a crime, ahem, that she isn’t recognised as such.

Naturally I’ve been watching The Night Manager on telly (Tom Hiddleston, yowza), also Black Sails (actually rocking this year and Schmitz gave the best performance since R&G), Outlander, Poldark, Turn, Ripper Street (finally got S3 out here).  Then there were Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Arrow (liking it less), Flash, Supergirl (loving it far more than I thought I would), Legends of Tomorrow, and Agents of SHIELD (we’re a multi-faith household). Also Grantchester (adore this), War and Peace, Frankenstein Chronicles (weird but intriguing), Partners in Crime, And Then There were None, Humans and Murdoch Mysteries. Oh and Once Upon A Time is finally screening out here, three seasons to catch up on, though (and they wonder why we pirate).

Workwise it’s all good. Insane, but that’s mainly external forces. Great team, and I get cake and chocolates and coffee and chilli jam and recipes for potatoes and fish pie and they like the clothes I wear. A part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I’m a beaten dog and I have issues, but it’s pretty damn good.