February 24th, 2014


My tweets

  • Mon, 06:45: I watched this and I turned out ok. Alright, bad example. 3e6fAZroaVM
  • Mon, 06:46: Sorry, I justcalledsomeone a Miser Meanie andI couldn't remember where it was from. Trivia, R Crowe later wears the bear suit.
  • Mon, 06:54: RT @GeorgeTakei: Works for me. http://t.co/KDdn83Zc93
  • Mon, 06:59: Semi tame magpie on a hot tin roof. Little dear is dancing while I shuffle over his snack. Sorry sweetie.
  • Mon, 07:00: He should grouse through the back door like his brother but that is not his way.