November 23rd, 2013


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I kept seeing Cleaver come out when Gogo got going, I said. Oh, many times, affirmed Himself.

Despite a stupid week/month and stupid weather, we were off to see Godot. in what was, frankly, the best production I've seen, and will probably ever see of it.

It had everything I could ever want, including, and especially, a cast of four absolute faves: Hugo Weaving, Richard Roxburgh, Luke Mullins and Philip Quast. Quast was a most theatrical Pozzo, and Luke's aptly named Lucky entirely stole the show from Hugo and Rox, which is no mean feat, as the two boys were on top form, clowning about, completely owning the stage while portraying such lost, almost ghostly souls, and there was a real affection there, which I think make for the best Didi and Gogos. The history the actors can draw on really helps sell the sady adorable co-dependence of our two heroes.

Despite the much reported troubles with the production, I think, personally, it was all the better of it, the cast having been made to wait for a director that never arrived (that particular irony not lost on anyone), I think, saved them from overthinking it and filling the blank empty spaces with too much trickery. (I know I'm not normally one for bare empty spaces, but it's Beckett, it's required - what I object to is staging high Victorian drama as post-Beckett bleakness, it's not appropriate and not clever).
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