October 21st, 2013


dealing with difficult people

Bard busting, big time. First I went to see a screening of NT Live's Othello. It was everything they said it was, and more. Man, that was shattering, a relentless landslide of vicious, petty, insecure men, flustering over pride, all hemmed in the pressure cooker of an army base. Of course, it's the women who suffer, they always do. Would that there was a little blue pill for male insecurity.

It was relentless, yet funny, too, until the final act, as Iago winds Othello tighter and tighter. Such an easy target, and it's cool that being non WASPy is so integral to the part, as Othello is so conscious of his outsider status, that he is resented, that his position is precarious, that he is so easily undone by a few whispers, tugging at ideas and fears that must have been already squirming there to be plucked at.
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