September 28th, 2012

doctor wtf

Speak the speech, I pray you

Up at the crack of dawn, or rather, well before it, on Sunday due to various verminous stirrings in the house, but whatever, because I could at least watch Doctor Who, not too long after the UK screening, and that's always fun, even though it crashed on me three times, that's pretty much SOP, given the connection.

Not a great episode like the last three, but they can't all be gems (I mean, take Colin Baker, please). And there was bonus Prof. Brian Cox in a silly very RTD cameo. In fact the whole episode smacked of an RTD episode that had been shoved down the back of the sofa, found, uncrumpled and filmed. Some things are probably best left lurking under the left cushion, but there you go. Goodness is relative and at least there was no Adric in it.
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