September 22nd, 2012

Fassbender ssssh

south of the border

So I ran away from home. Well, just for a little bit. Just for the weekend, really. Work, as always, made the leaving fraught and far more difficult than it should have been, and the exhibition I actually went down there for was complete pants, and my favourite hotel has declined so suddenly it is now a scary chair against the door bedbug ridden dive, but aside from that, it was completely marvellous and wonderful. I love Melbourne so much. I'd move there if I didn't think I'd break the magic.

So, onto the good things. Trams. I love trams. Trams are good. Everyone should have trams. Trams take you up hills so you don't arrive at your museum of choice already footsore and blistered. Trams have old world charm. Trams run frequently and go where you want to go. Not sure about the Myki though. It didn't boop on and off like the old Oyster. Turns out, you have to hold it in place for about 15 minutes before it boops, which is bad news if you're only going four blocks uphill cause you're a lazy sod with sore feet. So, trams for free, then. Even better.

Cafes. Melbourne has cafes. I was going to wander and take some photos, but there were several impediments to that. One, even though my Olympus has decided to play ball and take the odd photo rather than being chucked in the bin, I still don't trust it. Two, the weather, though it never actually rained, kept on with the threatening opening the Lost Ark of the Covenant type clouds that disiclined one to striking out across open country and third, I'm just lazy and I really was coming down with a spot of plane flu* and had a bit of the wobbles. So cafes it was.
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