August 8th, 2012

mr flibble

pushing buttons

To be positive and upbeat, on Saturday night there was a rare roast (in every sense) and chai hot chocolates and Tom Hardy romping about on the telly in doublet and hose and a rakish pearl earring (I had The Virgin Queen on telly). Friday night, as I was upset, I was treated to comfort food and poached pears in spices (which formed the pear flavoured syrup for the chai hot chocolates on Saturday).

Sunday brought Hawking to telly, the first in UKTV's 'celebrating the genius that is Benedict Cumberbatch' month. Oh, if I could only get a copy of that fangasm ad. UKTV goes Japanese schoolgirl strange for Benedict. It's so endearing (and a little creepy). Nevertheless, I was treated to some prime time prime Cumberbatch goodness, and this made me happy.
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