July 31st, 2012


hysterical dramas

So I went to the flicks. Again. This time it was a Popcorn Taxi thing, which are always fun, albeit on the other side of the city. I was going more out of duty, having purchased the tickets in a mad moment, having strips torn off me again made me hit the fantasy escape button. Then I kept thinking what on earth had I done? What on earth had I signed up for?

The very thing, as it turns out. Oh, I had so much fun. Dominic Cooper and Rufus Sewell being sexy, magnificent bastards. Oh yeah, I went off to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and you know what? It was bloody fun. The title says it all. It's very silly, but done with such po faced panache. And still way more plot, characterisation and actual acting than Magic Mike. (Hell, an insurance ad...)

Anyhoo, spoilers ahoy (below) if you're planning on seeing this, and you should, because it's a romp. Actually saw the 3D version, and I usually go miles (and miles) out of my way to avoid it because 3D doesn't work for me, at all, and I end up spending a miserable couple of hours squinting at blurry screens and getting a migraine so I just don't, really don't, and I'd been so hyped on the Dominic and Rufus I didn't even check or realise until I was handed the dread glasses at the door. But it worked. I finally got a pair of 3D glasses that worked (and damn straight I nicked 'em, to reuse now I have the sacred 3D glasses that actually work) so I had lucious Dominic and Rufus in 3D. Oh, what fun. Yum yum.
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