June 29th, 2012


The Brit(ish) List


magic marcus

After a particularly rough day, because I just love judgemental twats getting up in my face, it was a cheery evening with a barely bloody drinkable red and a big episode of Buffy (the one where Angel gets happy) and an episode of Law & Order UK, which wasn't cheery at all, but it had cute as a button Jamie Bamber in it, and they were wandering around my favourite streets (unlike other shows set in other cities, I could see them stroll past just one shop and know exactly where they are, hello shop, a couple of doors down from my Cafe Nero and I need to go back, I'm a few cups short of a freebie) and it's all old L&O episodes in English drag, which adds a further layer of meta hilarity to the proceedings, and there's Bill Paterson popping up to growl something in his brogue and, well, I am very easily amused.

Finished off with Once Upon a Time, which is freaky and does not bear close examination at all but I'm happy to waft along for the ride. It's all very daft but with the same sort of soapy stuff that kept me bouncing along with Buffy, so it tweaks that kink and I'm happy.
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