June 13th, 2012


all things bright and beautiful

First I have to tell you about the silly celebrity sighting before this week drags me down any more than it already has. It was quite simple, really. I was in the city to see a play and loitering around QVB, very bored by that stage, having found all the shops I liked boarded up and having taken my notebook to three lacklustre coffee shops by that stage (I had to get in early before the buses cut out) and I was heading out the door, then decided to turn back and have another look at the one shop that was open (and just as well, because what I'd been looking for was only put on the shelves then).

Anyways, as I turned there was young Mr Daniel MacPherson, his usual cheery, gorgeous self, in the process of doing a stage bow right in front of me with all the flourishes, as the punchline to some joke with his friends. It was nothing, of course, but I was tickled. Ah, the dear boy, just as silly off stage as on.
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