June 1st, 2012

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flights of fancy

Okay, Twinings Russian Caravan is still really quite horrid. I thought I'd try it again as, despite my father describing it as tasting like the sweat of the donkeys that carried it across the steppes, I don't mind the T2 or Whittards of Chelsea versions, but Twinings? Bleuck.

Okay, so I did the Social Media course at Sydney Uni yesterday, taught by Laurel Papworth, so, even though it was only a day course, it was a proper course, and it was such a struggle to get the day off, and I paid for it myself, and it was very much worth it as, being so firewalled for years, I'm so out of touch now and completely lacking in the basics. Like adding my contact details (duh). Which I'd not added for good reason, but these days there's no such thing as privacy and I'll just have to own my peversions and maybe that's why nobody ever contacts me any more?

I mean, I even miss the hate mail, how sad is it, I don't even get hate mail any more. I miss the blog trolls. I miss deliberately baiting a certain boy because I'd be bored and I'm a brat and he used to bite so easily it was just a simple matter of finding the trashiest article of particular interest I could find, reposting it and waiting for the angry snap. I used to think of it as a game. I must have been so annoying, but it was fun, in a wicked, taunting kind of way, and like I said, I was bored and I'm a brat. I miss it, though. I miss it a lot.

Speaking of missing a lot, there was a prolonged sulk over not receiving any birthday or xmas messages this year. Well, my apologies, you did send them, and Yahoo just dumped 700+ messages in a folder of undelivered mail, and, slowly working my way through them, I fould them all there. So a very belated thank you (and bollocks to Yahoo). There, too, were all the receipts and tickets for stuff that had caused me so much trouble (phoning airlines and hotels to confirm bookings, double ordering stuff cause I thought the first, and even second, order hadn't gone through), all there. Not a single spam message I note, just the stuff I really needed to see. Nice one, Yahoo.
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