March 18th, 2012

Dean sad

a play with songs

I should probably have to put a little more effort into the housework and stop slacking off so much, I realise, as Miss Havisham's house showed me up somewhat (I was the one with spiders dangling from doorways and cockroaches racing each other round the sink). Oh dear. I still say the six hour daily commute has to take some of the blame - I don't do my best work at midnight on three hours sleep.

Some reviews said Gillian was a touch OTT in her turn as Miss Havisham. Seriously, isn't playing such an arch character like Miss H a licence to unleash the inner panto queen? If not then, when? Ray Winstone, well, you know who he was playing (the words 'born to play' may have been bandied about) and young Mr Booth was as insipid but impossibly pretty as always (not that he's been seen on local tv before but I have an obscure dvd collection).
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