February 25th, 2012


sinking the slipper

Is that a banana in my pocket? Why yes, it is, indeed. Finally, I can afford a banana. Rejoice.

Sorry, needed to lead off with a lame joke. Some people had said some very cutting remarks which utterly destroyed my sense of worth, and, which were also measurably, empirically and factually untrue, so I was seething and outraged as well as distressed beyond measure or description and it's been a long, grinding wait for a bit of karma, but when it came, it was break out the popcorn time. Oh yes, that'll do nicely. Thank you, universe. I feel much better now, so much better it's almost a struggle to stay seemly. I might have been more sympathetic to the blow to their pride had they not so mortified mine. Ah, screw that. In your face! Mwahaha!

Mind you, they've been taking it out on me ever since, ow, ow, ow, thump, sock, kapow.

Meanwhile, related to the events of last week, I'm having to lodge a development application to prune the trees with the council, in person, and pay cash. They don't even do faxes, let alone have an app for that. It's all so excruciatingly mediaeval I shall be very disappointed if they're not sitting there in their big cloaks and puffy hats and wielding quills and parchment. Get with the 21stC, mutter, mutter, mutter.
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