December 5th, 2011


pinter, shakespeare, picasso

Firstly, a couple of quotes from young Mr Fassbender, whom I find a constant delight:

"I've got the hat and I'm ready for action. I've got the purple helmet." - re X-Men, Digital Spy.

"Well, you know the scenes between Freud and Jung in Freud's home office? That space was amazing, full of all these set details which tried to approximate Freud's actual office. It's all wood and cigars, you know? While we were shooting this one scene, where Freud's sitting behind his desk and I'm sitting right in front of him, and we're having this really deep conversation which turns out to last like 13 hours or something.

And in between takes—at first I don't notice—Viggo keeps pushing these penises, no, what do you call them? Phalluses? Freud's desk had all of these little statutes and things, and some of them were phallus sculptures from different cultures around the world. And Viggo kept pushing them towards my end of the desk. I didn't notice at first until I looked down and saw them all, inching ever-forward, with Viggo smirking, really a prankster, dressed up as Freud. It was surreal!"
- re A Dangerous Method, PopMatters

Bless. And thank you Foxtel, for once, for keeping up the FassyFest2011.
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