September 28th, 2011

cortina 12

living in the 70's

Tom Riley is everywhere at the moment. Well, not actually, but I'm just having one of those little freaks of tv programming where every other time I turn on the telly, there is Tom scampering across the screen, no matter what it is (cop show, medical show, period drama). He's been so viral lately I wouldn't be at all surprised if he popped up in those old mid-70s Tom Baker Doctor Whos I'm watching right now.

I must say, this massive Tom-bombing is bringing me to an appreciation of his many fine qualities, fine qualities that I might have previously overlooked to my great shame. I declare this Tom Riley week. A celebration of Tom.

But that'll do, Tom, let's not go overboard. One thesp once bombed me with nearly a decade's worth of output in a fortnight and I've never really been able to bear the sight of the chap ever since, even if he is sharing the screen with you, dear Tom. One can have too much of a good thing.
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