September 12th, 2011

viggo: sod this

tastes like green pikelets

Well, this week is just rocking, and not in a good way. More in a Titantic/Pompei kinda way. We were restructured yet again yesterday, and I'm not listed anywhere. They either forgot me or I'm retrenched, which, considering I'm so memorable, and they need to get rid of 5,000+ warm bodies, is probably on the cards for serious this time. I've wriggled and rolled through so many restructures but I guess the music had to stop some time. This is not good.

Anyone need an embittered and elderly web admin? Thought not.

Pity, because spring has sprung, big time. I lost count of the spiders, none as yet known to science, that crawled over me in the park yesterday. I wished for a bug catcher, so I could walk my prizes across the road to the AM and have my spiders named after me for posterity. Alas, no. The spiders, and I, continue on in our anonymous and unnoticed existence.

I've also been rocking my ever growing collection of brooches, though it was my little preppy short sleeved jumper that fetched a compliment yesterday. Yes it is preppy and I bought it in America, home of the preppy. It's a lot like the genuine vintage little jumpers I used to wear when at uni, when all I could afford was the local op shops, and I started my first vintage broch collection then, too. Yes, I was rocking the Audrey Horne look, but I was having fun.
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