July 11th, 2011


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  • Sun, 21:25: 'Matt Bomer' is now officially firewalled at work. Well done all round, I reckon.
  • Sun, 21:26: Also, what was with the MIA finale of Hawaii Five-0 that never screened last night? Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the interwebs I go....
merlin sword

just give 'em whisky

I wish someone could see me today. I've done that thing again where I've dropped three dress sizes after three days in hell and I just want someone to see it before I spring back into Jabba mode by the end of the week.

Would that I could keep this up the whole time, but alas a diet solely consisting of whisky, flu tablets and painkillers just isn't practical when one has to hold down a proper job and household without all that 'support' that those vacuous little children in Hollywood refer to, if ever, when explaining how they maintain their fabulous jetsetting lifestyles, shiny homes and bony hips. Grumble.

Anyhoo, household managed under duress (freezing temps, annoyed parrots) and some of the mighty dvd backlog caught up on.

Just about up to date on Burn Notice, and just as well as Friday's ep went MIA from the tv schedule (if they moved it, I never found it).
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