June 15th, 2011


hell hath no fury

Oh, boys. You might be nazi loving schmucks, but you're gosh darn cute adorable evil nazi schmucks. I don't know or care what the lazy writers of White Collar are up to. This is my Neal and Peter.

Oh, and nice work, interwebs. I've only just seen the first ad for Game of Thrones. Now, if/when it finaly gets here, now I don't have to watch. Thanks ever so.

Clearly, there should be special circles in hell for lazy tv writers and the folks who put major omg spoilers in the H1 tags for news stories (yes, TV Guide, I am glaring at you, you schmucks).

The cigarette case of evil! Sorry, Mitchell and Webb are deconstructing the ITV Poirot. Wheeze. Chortle. Bigger tits does = evil. Well known fact.

Another well known tv fact is how gosh darn freaky Wales is. Simon Templar was in Wales in today's episode, which can only mean giant homicidal ants. I love the required pub scene where the locals muse over what beast is rampaging abroad this week, with werewolves, vampires and aliens being the most likely suspects. That's what comes of living in Wales I suppose, a greater than average chance of being munched by something nasty.

That was a reference to Doctor Who, Torchwood and Being Human, btw (though the locals really do have vampires, werewolves and aliens as the most likely suspects). Thought I should mention it after yesterday.

The elderly Boomers I work with were chattering on about Beatles memorabilia and I was smiling and nodding (and sneaking looks on ebay on my phone) and then, to add in my two cents worth (they remember copper coins, hell, they remember shillings) I mentioned the still vexing matter of the lost Han Solo figurine.

Three aged faces craned blankly towards me. Who, they asked in all seriousness, was Han Solo?
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