March 30th, 2011


back in black

Matt Nix: The #burnnotice ep we're working on is too hard. So instead of an ep, shirtless Michael just blows something up and we'll call it a day. Ok?

Oh, it'd be cruel and unjust to suggest this was SOP on the Burn Notice set, now, wouldn't it - snerkle. Still, at least they're aware that for a show that started out so funny and shiny new, it's now deeply bogged down in tropes and cliches. Oh dear. But I still watch it. Sometimes. Even if the Peanut Gallery will call out from the kitchen 'is it still a point if someone else eats yoghurt?'.

We take our Burn Notice bingo seriously around here.
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same old scene

Oh, I'm knackered. I meant to be abed early last night, as it's been a trying week (and then some), but it was a late day and Hamlet was already well into it by the time I got home and I thought I'd just put it on while I faffed about but of course I got sucked into it and before I knew it I'd watched the thing to the bloody end. It was the film version of the Tennant RSC production and, having caught a bit of Girl in the Fireplace before I switched over, I was bemused by the Who-isms that crept in, but I was also enjoying it. For all that, Davey boy ain't bad.

Who comparisons aside, one part that made me smirk, especially with the episode of a certain show lined up in the schedule for Saturday, was Hamlet's instructions re annoying so called comic relief loudly trashing their way through the performance. I promised I would try and not be so negative re that show, and I dare not, but let's see what young master Hamlet has to say on the matter of obnoxious buffoons:

And let those that play
your clowns speak no more than is set down for them;
for there be of them that will themselves laugh, to
set on some quantity of barren spectators to laugh
too; though, in the mean time, some necessary
question of the play be then to be considered:
that's villanous, and shows a most pitiful ambition
in the fool that uses it.

What he said. It wasn't funny then, and it's not funny now.

Oh, but he ain't finished yet, not by a long shot, and this is clearly old Bill firing several heavy shots across the bows re atrocious thespians. Too, too funny and sadly, far too true, to this day. Go to it, m'lad: Collapse )