March 13th, 2011

doctor cuppa


Lovely Sunday, sitting on the back porch with a cuppa. I should be working in the garden, but nah. Today I am wearing the sundress of sloth and indolence, not the workpants of protestant industry. i'm still riding on the sick note, even though it expired on Friday. I'm gonna pedal that bastard into the ground. Besides, I still have that room clearing cough o'mine.

Blue skies and sunshine. Perfect day for washing. Could do with a less perfect day - the garden is all brown and shrivelled up, so not so much with the weeding any more. The dead plants can stay in the ground for another week. I'll pull 'em all up and think about another excursion to a nursery. I need to totally start from scratch re herb garden and veggie patch (sigh) but the fruit trees are hanging in, so more of them, and the frangipanis and geraniums are sorta okay (lost two of my fave geraniums), so more of them, I guess, just for a bit of colour.
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