March 12th, 2011


adventures of a northerly direction

There was a big blue butterfly in the garden when I was foing the watering. A big blue tropical butterfly, and yes, it was certainly steamy enough for it to be in my garden. Pretty.

At least I was actually watering the garden. Honestly, the frustration of deciding to spend my RDO on wahing and watering and then finding the water off. Nothing quite so unsettling as turning on the tap in the morning and finding nothing coming out. I rang up the water company and got a 'we know, piss off' recorded message. Took 'em all day to put it back on, so no shower, no loo and no cup of tea. Harsh.
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mr flibble


Oh it was worth waiting to open the Sweeney board game a dear friend found and sent as a pressie. Rude, but worth waiting until I was well enough to rip it open with glee and get straight down to playing it - and beating the pants off the Peanut Gallery.

I think. The rules are somewhat obtuse, and written in faux Sweeney spea babble, but it's brilliant for all that. fun!
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