February 2nd, 2011

Tim and Matt

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I'm supposed to be unwell but I've just had the most wonderful morning trawling through the purchases that were still in my bag from Wednesday: 3 cds, 2 books and a t-shirt.

The books were from the HHT booksale, and they have the best books, world class, so it was a pity I had neither cash nor storgae to load up on fancy books going cheap - I was off to the Opera House and they frown on any baggage bigger than a clutch purse - so I was stuck with the smallest bag I own that I could comfortably get away with, which was already stuffed with books (in lieu of human companionship, but at least they let me choose my own cafe to sit in).

I bought a book on wallpaper which is brilliant. Just swatch after swatch to swoon over or recoil in horror (a couple just screamed Gacey and Manson). My faves though were all from the 50s, natch, especially the curiously oriental cartoony Venetian scene (a delightful mish mash of Chinoiserie and 50s cartoony art and some weird Tex Avery version of Venice).
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